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This book has the ambition to make you travel in time; when this period comes back to life for just a moment, and time freezes, to share with you the pleasure I experience and how much I respect all these people, who are perfectly comfortable in their own century, but whose heart beats in the previous one. I followed these enthusiasts who continue, toward and against all time, to convey and transmit the lightness of being that prevailed over those years. And beyond these images, I urge you to discover what is not shown, listen to what cannot be heard, let your own nostalgia and imagination lead the rest of the way.

« Seduced by this attractive casting, won over by a warm atmosphere and the priceless charm of situations, Charles Chojnacki doesn’t need to enhance any stroke. Faced with a reality that is already staged, as though he gained access to a shooting on a Hollywood set, he works with natural complicity and obvious, blatant pleasure. His classical and well-composed snapshots are a nice tribute as much to filmmakers as to master photographers. »


Auhtor & Photographer


In my luggage, I take with me, in addiction to my camera, certain elements of fate. Because once I am elsewhere, separated from everyday life, these elements of fate alone know how to lead me to what has become my oxygen: the expression in color or in black and white of everything that normally is left unsaid, between what I see and what I feel... photography. Traveling is meeting people, and I met few years ago, some who live in Rockabilly's world, and I never came out. It's a world apart, filled with cars, motor bikes, that vintage look, tattoos and-of course- the music and dancing. That is the subject of my first book « 50s TODAY ».
Charles Chojnacki autheur du livre







24x30 cm

20 Octobre 2015



French / English

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